Frequently Asked Questions

Does sell diamond rings?

No. does not sell any diamond rings or diamonds.

What are coupon codes?

Discount coupon codes (or promo codes) are special offers that are issued by online stores. These codes get you the appropriate discount or deal upon your purchase.

Is there a catch to coupon codes?

No catch. Just like stores at your local mall might have special sales to promote themselves, so do these online jewelers. They are the ones issuing out these promotion codes.

Do these offers expire?

Some offers have expiration dates and some do not. If an offer has an expiration date it will usually be listed on the coupon.

How can I use a coupon code on my diamond ring purchase?

The online jeweler that you are purchasing from will have an option for you to enter a coupon code (or 'promotion code') at some point during the buying process. That's where you enter the coupon code to get the discount.

The coupon code I entered did not give me a discount. What's wrong?

There could be several reasons. The coupon might be expired, or maybe it isn't valid on the item you are purchasing. We try our best to provide quality coupons by checking them, so if this happens please let us know.

What is the difference between 'Carat' and 'Karat'?

Carat is a term that is used to describe the weight of a diamond or other precious gemstones (Read about "The 4 C's" in the education section for more information). Karat is a term used to measure and describe the purity of gold.